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Mannschaftsopen MOp 2012

The DESC (German Email Chess Club) would like to invite you

13h team correspondence chess tournament MOp 2012


On April 1th 2012 the thirteenth team correspondence chess tournament MOp begins.

The DESC (German Email Chess Club) would like with this tournament all Chess enthusiasts in clubs, associations, and free groups offer an entry point into the Email Chess and promote sporting between Chess Championship. This is the unique opportunity to make it perhaps never would encounter in the near chess interesting opponents.

You are looking for more members for your team?

Then download the Tender, print it out and hang it on the bulletin board of your Association!

And now about the details:

1. Who can participate?

Teams with four players are welcome. It doesn't matter whether you are a member of the DESC. Your team may consist of four players of a society or of a school chess company, but does not have this! It is only important that you are four chess player, dominate the rules of chess, you can send and receive e-mails and that you have named a team captain. Each player may start only in one team!

An entry fee will not be charged, this tournament is free.

2. How does it work?

The tournament is completely handled via e-mail. All communication between tournament management and the teams and also the chess moves takes place exclusively via e-mail. Note, if taken in following no different rules, you have observe the Regulations of the German E-Mail Chess Club (DESC) in addition to the General rules of FIDE. Prior to the tournament all teams get details of the Calculation of the time for consideration, Vacation and other important issues of the tournament processing.

In the preliminary round groups will be formed to 4 to 6 teams. Each player plays in the preliminary round one game against his board of each other teams, simultaneously to each participant coming 3 to 5 batches. The time for consideration amounts to 30 days for 10 moves.

The preliminary round groups will be drawn on März 20th 2012. One day after this drawing the tournament managers sends the group division and club fixtures to the team captains. The calculation of the time for consideration begins on the day of the beginning of tournament (April 1th 2012); the games can already be started beforehand, for this period no time for consideration accrues. Every game must have started not later than April 11th 2010. The players report the start of the games to their team captains. The team captains report the start of all games to their tournament managers. The message has to be sent not later than the 10. days after the starting date of the tournament.

The preliminary round is ending on March 31th 2012. Not finished games will be submitted to the tournament manager for a valuation by the Appreciation Committee. The best two teams in each preliminary round group and possibly the best third-placed teams are qualified for the second round. A player switch is possible at the chess board, move up of players is disallowed. Switching the players is allowed always at maximum two chessboards before the interim or the final round is started. At least one player of the team of the preliminaries round is necessary for the final round. All the results and tables are prompt published on the Website of the DESC (German Email Chess Club).

The team captains shall supply all the data they receive from the tournament manager to the members of their teams. All results, complaints and requests from the players are always sent to their team captains. Only the team captains will forward this information to the tournament manager.

In case of emergency (PC failure etc.) you can reached the DESC by fax, phone or mail. See details on the emergency site.

3. Where do I sign up?

Submit your registration by March 19th 2012 the latest by email tournament office with the following information:

  1. Name of the team (chosen freely within the bounds of good taste)
  2. organizations name (i.e. IECG, IECC etc.)
  3. name, family name, e-mail-address of all 4 players
  4. team's lineup, 1. - 4.
  5. team captain's name, family name, and e-mail-address (!)

4. Who to contact?

Contact for all questions about the tournament is the tournament director Jörg Kracht. He is also happy to help if players in your team is still missing, or if you are looking for a team.

The various groups of preliminary, second and final round will be conducted by various designating tournament managers.

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