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Tournament office

Tournament office

The tournament office facilitates the members of the DESC the use of the tournaments offer and organizes the management of the tournament operation. When You are here for the first time, You should read the information on this page first. At the end of this page You will also find information about who answer Your questions.

What is the tournament office?

The tournament office is the central administrative department of the DESC; here members data is well administered as the ongoing tournaments.

The tournament office consists of a core team, which informs other organizational units, when it is necessary. In that way all requests to the tournament office either answered directly or were forwarded to a competent admin or tournament director, when it is required.

What does the tournament office for the members?

Primary the tournament office is responsible for the accepting the registrations for all tournaments (except for the single matches and the pyramid).

But you can also always contact the tournament office, if you do not know exactly who is responsible for a question or a concern.

The tournament office is also the right contact partner, when, e.g., you have lost due to technical problems tournament data and you do not know who are your tournament director, or when a tournament director is unreachable. The tournament office can be contacted at via email.

When the tournament office does not have jurisdiction?

Although the tournament office can answer many questions and forwards the remaining mails to the appropriate admins or tournament directors, but of course, the tournament office should not be a mail distributing site. So if you know your contact person, turn to him directly.

Typical contact persons:

Who can answer questions?

If you have questions regarding the tournament office themselves or you do not know to whom you shall otherwise contact, you simply send an email to We will either answer your question directly, or forward your mail to a competent admin or tournament director.

Last modified on 02.01.2017